[Guide] Thorough Server Setup Guide

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[Guide] Thorough Server Setup Guide

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I advise you, if you want a short guide, don't pick this one. This guide explains every step to set up your server thoroughly. But it has a better chance you will get it right (if you can read).
Welcome to Mu Online Server Setup Guide

MU Online is an addictive Hack 'n Slash MMORPG game, developed by Webzen Inc for Window Operating Systems.

This tutorial guide you through the process of setting up and hosting private Mu Online Server. I do not recommend the distribution of copyright materials (dont worry this is for my safety), this is not legal and may you end with big troubles. And for god's sake dont ever publish your server or anyone else server in Webzen forums (freeboard etc). They called it private for a reason.

Microsoft Windows 2000 Installation CD.

Microsoft Sql Server 2000 Installation CD.

Mu Online Server files (version 0.97).

Mu Online Client files (up to version 0.97).

Mu Online Account Creation files.
NOTE: The procedure described here may differ from the actual procedures you should make. This mean that you can either skip some steps or use a different approach at all.
Installation of Microsoft Windows.

Setting up Microsoft Windows IP Address.

Installation of Microsoft Sql Server 2000.

Installation of Internet Information Services (IIS).

Unpacking and revising Mu Online Server files.

Importing Mu Online database into Sql Server.

Adding Users into Sql Server.

Adding ODBC Links.

Setting up IIS and testing connection with Sql Server and Mu Online database.

Setting Mu Online Server IP Address.

Changing Mu Online Server options.

Changing Shortcut parameters.

Starting and testing Mu Online Server.

Setting up Mu Online Client and testing connection with Mu Online Server.


Frequent Asked Questions.


MU Online is copyright of Webzen Inc.

Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Sql Server and Internet Information Services are copyright of Microsoft Corporation.
Contact Information

You can contact me at the email noted at the bottom of this page, but only if you followed this guide and stucked somewhere either because you didnt understand what i wrote or because of an error. Please do not email me asking where to download Mu Online Server files or Windows or even Sql. Do not email me for instructions of how to setup your server from scratch, that what the guide is for.

This guide is for Mu Online Server version 0.97

Have good luck and fun

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