[Guide] Thorough Guide to Making 1.00L Server [ Router ]

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[Guide] Thorough Guide to Making 1.00L Server [ Router ]

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 11:53 am

//1.00L Server Guide\\

1] How to set it up
2] MuWeb
3] Launcher
Purpose Of Making This Guide is because Liselotte guide didnt work and
i asked her and she said yeah it was confusing and its all wrongly

Things you need to prepare
1] Sql Microsoft 2000
2] MuTexas Server files , Credits to Liselotte
3] A 1.00L Client , Credits to FaithMU Administrator
4] MuWeb 0.8
5] AppServ
6] Remember Notes Highlighted in RED

\\Installing Microsoft SQL server 2000//
1] Download Microsoft SQL Server 2000 [ Look at google ]
2] After downloading = Installing
3] After you install , Look Here Carefully
3a] Click Autorun.exe , [[ Find it should be in C:/ ]]
3b] Click SQL Server 2000 Components
3c] Click Install Database Server
3d] Click Next
3e] Check Local Computer and Click Next
3f] Check Create a New Instance Of SQL Server etc
3g] Name and Company
3h] YES
3i] Check Server and Client Tools
3j] Check DEFAULt
3k] Check Typical and Click Next
3L] Check Use The Local System Account
3m] Choose Mixed Mode and TYPE+REMEMBER your password
3n] Click Next and It will start installing
3O] Click Finish and We are done with SQL servers
4] Download MuTexas below the whole guide
4a] Extract it to D:/Muserver
4b] Its time to PortForward and Change IP
4c] Quote:
55900 to 55910 TCP/UDP
79 to 81 TCP/UDP
44404 to 44406 TCP/UDP
51213 to 51215 TCP/UDP
52761 to 52763 TCP/UDP
51211 to 51213 TCP/UDP
55556 to 55558 TCP/UDP

4D] Ip Changing time [[ LAN = Local , WAN = Global ]]
Global IP = http://www.whatismyip.com
Local IP = Start>RUN>CMD>IPconfig

Places that IP need to be changed
ed]WAN ]]

ed]LAN ]]
Muserver>data>commonserver [[ leave it to ]]
Muserver>Links>4.exe [[ Right click>Properties>Target ]]
Muserver>Links>8.exe [[ Rightclick>Properties>Target]]

MuServer>Dupe Finder>dupefinder

5] Restoring Database
5a]Start Service Manager
5b] Go Enterprise Manager
5c] Microsoft SQL Servers>Sql Server Group > (local)
5d] Click Databse
5e] Right click and Create New Database
5f] Named it MuOnline
5g] Make another Database
5h] Named it Ranking
5i ] Right click MuOnline>Alltasks> Restore Database
5j] Restore From Device
5k] Find ur MuOnline DB at Database Backup
5L] Click OK and go to Options
5M] Force Write Over Existing and Click Apply
5N] Do this for Ranking too !
I know you will get a problem , Fix it at the end of the guide

6] Go back to MuServer and click ODBC
7] Now Startup your server and see if any problems

9] MUWEB time
9a] Download AppServ find at google
9b] Install it
9c] Once ur done go to WWW
9d] Extract your MUWEB there
9e] Go to your C:/Windows and find PHP.ini
9f] Find 2 lines called

9g] Remove the ; and save it
9h] Md5 [ YES OR NO ] If YES
9hNO] Wait a minute
9hYES] Download MD5 at end of post and put it in your Microsoft SQL server > MSSQL > BiNN
9i] Now Restart your computer
9j] Welcome back ! go to http://localhost
9k] Wait for 5 seconds
9l] Install Via MSSQL
9m] Local host =
9n] Sql Host =
9o] Password = SQL PASSWORD
9p] Database = MuOnline
9q] When done click NEXT
9r] Md5 Encrypt [ Yes OR No ]
9s] Address = Put ur NO-IP if you got one
9t] Click Next when done
9u] Administrator Panel
9v] Admin USER ID and Admin PASSWORD
9w] Security Code
9x] When you are done click NEXT
9y] You are done !
9z] Delete install folder for security reasons

10] Edit your own website at Admin Panel

11] Launcher time
11a] Download Launcher Builder
11b] Extract it
11c] Run it and for default , just
11d] Enable Options
11e] IP = Global IP
11f] Port = 44405
11g] Build it and you are done
For more options read more guides !

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Re: [Guide] Thorough Guide to Making 1.00L Server [ Router ]

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 11:55 am

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