[Guide] Thorough Guide to Making 1.00L Server [ Router ]

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[Guide] Thorough Guide to Making 1.00L Server [ Router ]

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 11:53 am

//1.00L Server Guide\\

1] How to set it up
2] MuWeb
3] Launcher
Purpose Of Making This Guide is because Liselotte guide didnt work and
i asked her and she said yeah it was confusing and its all wrongly

Things you need to prepare
1] Sql Microsoft 2000
2] MuTexas Server files , Credits to Liselotte
3] A 1.00L Client , Credits to FaithMU Administrator
4] MuWeb 0.8
5] AppServ
6] Remember Notes Highlighted in RED

\\Installing Microsoft SQL server 2000//
1] Download Microsoft SQL Server 2000 [ Look at google ]
2] After downloading = Installing
3] After you install , Look Here Carefully
3a] Click Autorun.exe , [[ Find it should be in C:/ ]]
3b] Click SQL Server 2000 Components
3c] Click Install Database Server
3d] Click Next
3e] Check Local Computer and Click Next
3f] Check Create a New Instance Of SQL Server etc
3g] Name and Company
3h] YES
3i] Check Server and Client Tools
3j] Check DEFAULt
3k] Check Typical and Click Next
3L] Check Use The Local System Account
3m] Choose Mixed Mode and TYPE+REMEMBER your password
3n] Click Next and It will start installing
3O] Click Finish and We are done with SQL servers
4] Download MuTexas below the whole guide
4a] Extract it to D:/Muserver
4b] Its time to PortForward and Change IP
4c] Quote:
55900 to 55910 TCP/UDP
79 to 81 TCP/UDP
44404 to 44406 TCP/UDP
51213 to 51215 TCP/UDP
52761 to 52763 TCP/UDP
51211 to 51213 TCP/UDP
55556 to 55558 TCP/UDP

4D] Ip Changing time [[ LAN = Local , WAN = Global ]]
Global IP = http://www.whatismyip.com
Local IP = Start>RUN>CMD>IPconfig

Places that IP need to be changed
ed]WAN ]]

ed]LAN ]]
Muserver>data>commonserver [[ leave it to ]]
Muserver>Links>4.exe [[ Right click>Properties>Target ]]
Muserver>Links>8.exe [[ Rightclick>Properties>Target]]

MuServer>Dupe Finder>dupefinder

5] Restoring Database
5a]Start Service Manager
5b] Go Enterprise Manager
5c] Microsoft SQL Servers>Sql Server Group > (local)
5d] Click Databse
5e] Right click and Create New Database
5f] Named it MuOnline
5g] Make another Database
5h] Named it Ranking
5i ] Right click MuOnline>Alltasks> Restore Database
5j] Restore From Device
5k] Find ur MuOnline DB at Database Backup
5L] Click OK and go to Options
5M] Force Write Over Existing and Click Apply
5N] Do this for Ranking too !
I know you will get a problem , Fix it at the end of the guide

6] Go back to MuServer and click ODBC
7] Now Startup your server and see if any problems

9] MUWEB time
9a] Download AppServ find at google
9b] Install it
9c] Once ur done go to WWW
9d] Extract your MUWEB there
9e] Go to your C:/Windows and find PHP.ini
9f] Find 2 lines called

9g] Remove the ; and save it
9h] Md5 [ YES OR NO ] If YES
9hNO] Wait a minute
9hYES] Download MD5 at end of post and put it in your Microsoft SQL server > MSSQL > BiNN
9i] Now Restart your computer
9j] Welcome back ! go to http://localhost
9k] Wait for 5 seconds
9l] Install Via MSSQL
9m] Local host =
9n] Sql Host =
9o] Password = SQL PASSWORD
9p] Database = MuOnline
9q] When done click NEXT
9r] Md5 Encrypt [ Yes OR No ]
9s] Address = Put ur NO-IP if you got one
9t] Click Next when done
9u] Administrator Panel
9v] Admin USER ID and Admin PASSWORD
9w] Security Code
9x] When you are done click NEXT
9y] You are done !
9z] Delete install folder for security reasons

10] Edit your own website at Admin Panel

11] Launcher time
11a] Download Launcher Builder
11b] Extract it
11c] Run it and for default , just
11d] Enable Options
11e] IP = Global IP
11f] Port = 44405
11g] Build it and you are done
For more options read more guides !

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Re: [Guide] Thorough Guide to Making 1.00L Server [ Router ]

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 11:55 am

Server Files
Free file hosting by Savefile.com

Faith_MU.rar - FileFront.com

Client without Sound
Faith_MUnosound.rar - FileFront.com

SourceForge.net: AppServ

Md5 Encrpyt

MuWeb 0.8
Send big files the easy way with sendspace. Files too large for email attachments? No problem!

Launcher builder
download from our download center

Fraps Tutorial on How to make your own skin for a launcher

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