[Guide] Full Installation of Muserver 1.02D

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[Guide] Full Installation of Muserver 1.02D

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 11:56 am

Muserver 1.02D Full Install
Steps to do:
1.Download Muserver 1.02d files
2.Make Database-s
3.Make web
4.Toolz+Useful to use

1.Download Muserver 1.02D From ....::: HERE :::....
Then Extract the files to D:\Muserver\

need to see the pictures that i made how to make the server , because
the rules here are maxium 10 pictures but i have 30 pictures how to
make the server:

Download Pictures how to install : .::: DOWNLOAD ::: .

ODCD ....:::: DOWNLOAD ::::.....
MuEditor v2.1 ...::: DOWNLOAD :::....
MuEditor v2.0 ...::: DOWNLOAD :::....
MonsterEdit ...::: DOWNLOAD :::....
DupeCheck ...::: DOWNLOAD :::....
PortBlocker ...::: DOWNLOAD :::....
MuServerStartUp 1.2.8 ...::: DOWNLOAD :::....
IpChanger ..::: Download ::..

Bonus Packet
New Skins for Client ...::: DOWNLOAD :::....
VipServer ...::: DOWNLOAD :::....

MuWeb 0.8+music ...:: DOWNLOAD ::...
RozaWeb (mod by diablo) ...::: DOWNLOAD ::....

Yours DBacks for Muserver 1.02D
DBacks ...:: DOWNLOAD ::....

Now i read you all want Castle Sieage in 1.02d so i will give you i test it in my server and works

That is All
The information is perfect
Muserver files are original ( don't change in Data>commanserver >
laungvige to be the same if it change it will get error " Skill file
not found" dont chage it and no bugs you will have)

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