Cum impiedici Dupe si Anti-Hack cu SyGate !

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Cum impiedici Dupe si Anti-Hack cu SyGate !

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 12:22 pm

Download [Sygate 5.6.2808]

1. Click dreapta pe Sygate >> Normal

2. Dublu click pe Sygate si block SQL Server Windows NT

3. Te duci in Tools >> Advenced Rules

4. Rule Description: "Block_mssql", Action: "Block this trafic",
Advance Settings: "All network interface cards", Both on an off,...

...bifezi "v" Record this trafic in ''Packet Log"

5. Te duci in Applications si bifezi "v" SQL Server Windows NT

6. Pe urma te duci in Start//All Programs//Microsoft SQL Server//Enterprise Manager//Apesi 2 plusuri si click dreapta pe ...

(local) (Windows NT) //Properties//Connections//si debifezi "Allow other SQL Servers to connect remotely to this SQL Server ...

using RPC


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