[Guide] 1.2Q Patch (Client and Server Side)

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[Guide] 1.2Q Patch (Client and Server Side)

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1.2Q Patch (Client and Server Side)

Version 0.1 : -=Download=- (Rapid Upload)

Version 0.1 : -=Download=- (Send Space)

Version 0.1 : -=Download=- (Uploading.com)

Additional Files :

SQL Server 2000 : -=Download=- (From Microsoft)

Server Files : -=Download=- (Server Files from The Pumpkin King - Hosted on File Front)

Client : -=Download=- (English Client from Wind Server)

Client : -=Download=- (English Client from Cyclon Server)

For This 1.2Q Version (By The Pumpkin King) : http://forum.ragezone.com/guides/gui...er-213850.html

Version 0.1 :

Server Side :

MonsterSetBase.txt (Full of Monsters)

Monster.txt (Translated and Fixed)

MoveReq(Chs).txt (Translated, 100% Teleport to Kantru 1, 2 and 3)

Gate.txt (Translated and Edited)

commonserver.cfg (Translated and Edited)

Shops (Cool Shops, For Every Character Class, Contain Sets, Weapons, Quest Items and More)

CsConfig.ini (Translated and Edited)

exdb.ini (Translated and Edited)

Client Side :

Gate.bmd (Edited)

GateTest.bmd (Edited)

MoveReq.bmd (Edited)

MoveReqTest.bmd (Edited)

NpcName(Chs).txt (Translated)

NpcName(Eng).txt (Translated)

NpcName(Kor).txt (Translated)

NpcName(Phi).txt (Translated)

NpcNameTest(Chs).txt (Translated)

NpcNameTest(Kor).txt (Translated)

Main.exe (A Good Main)

Tools :

Mu Account Create (MD5)

Main Editor.exe

Credits : Forever Dark

Version 0.2 Coming Soon

Favourite Game : MuOnline
Registration date : 1969-12-31

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