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Server/Client Downloads

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Server Files:
DarkAges Emulator (ProjectDA) - Allows login, character creation and you are able to go in-game but the maps do not load.
Unknown Emulator - First emulator released unsure of what it can do.
DarkAges source code (C++) for the unknown emulator

Client Files:
DarkAges Jap Version - Can be used to connect to the server
DarkAges Eng Version 5.51 - Can be used to connect to the server

Official Screenshots
Official DarkAges Homepage

Other Information:
### ProjectDA - Change Log ###
:- Development started, C++ project converted and compiling with VCExpress
:- Lor.exe output messages made better with notice, status, error, load and other messages
:- Server commands added (not all complete) read below for more information.
:- SPELL.SCP is now loading for some reason it was removed o.0
:- Configuration.ini has been added, USE THIS TO SET THE IPS AND PORTS
:- Info.ini is for the notice/message of the day (i think) not looked into it much.
:- Lots more error catching for various things such as clients disconnected etc
:- Warrior, Priest, Rogue, Wizard and Monk classes added to SKILL.SCP
:- '#' Key now saves accounts/characters
:- 'A' Key now reloads accounts/characters

### Console Server Commands ###
To unlock/lock the server press 'S'
'ESC' or 'Q' to exit the server
'I' to reload the Info.ini
'#' Save character/account information
'A' Reload account/character information

NOTE: If you press '?' you will see more commands these do NOT work yet!

### DA 7.05 English Client ###
mServer.tbl looks like below they scrambled it but i think thats how the client connects to the server:
iplookup looks like it also contains the IP and Port.

0..1..0..841972800..2610..Dra kgAse < --lCci knot ehs
reevr..Wleocemt oaDkrA eg s .. D.ra kgAsei sogevnrdeb yht esurea
rgeeemtno frK unIetartcvi.e fIy uoa rgeet oht egaermene thtnec ilkc'
KO.' . . . fIy uod oon tgaer e ,lcci kC'naec'lb lewo . .. . ={QceutsG
iued Q.eutsg iued sahevb ee npuadet dnit ehE evtns ceitnoo fht elpyarep
orifel .xEepirneecr werasdh va eebnea dddeo rnircaees dof r aef wfot
ehq euts.sP aeastnA siilgn sonl noeg reruqri
e augdi eotc ohso ehtie rlcsa,st eh yam ysu e augdi eybc ohci.e {.b=MIOPTRNA TLPAEESR AE.D . . ..................={Ksurd
eo son tneocruga eht ertdani gfor gesirttaoi nocpuno sniisedo fht eagem .rK usit eho ffciai
lidtsirubot rfor gesirttaoi nocpuno.sI foy uerecvi ena dsu eocpuno srfmoa ynno etoeh rhtnaK ur( roG maxesu,)y uod
oosa toyruo nwr si.kP elsa eeba awero fcsma,sa yna ccuotnt ah tsusea c uoop nhttai
sidpstudeo reroptrdeb yht eroginilao nwrea stslonew li lebb olkcde .

As you can see the top part looks like "Dark Ages <--- Click on this server" which is what the server select shows.
i think the "841972800..2610..Dra kgAse" is the IP, port and server
name i may be wrong but this is deffo the notice / sever select text.

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