[Guide] Bok Drops in 1.02d - Fixing

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[Guide] Bok Drops in 1.02d - Fixing

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 1:03 pm

This is an easy guide ..for all those who are having problems with bok drops from goldens in 1.02d version:

Make sure:

1) Look in your MuServer/Data/ EVENTITEMBAGS
There are Box-1-5
and there you say what to be dropped of them
there are released Event item bags if u want jus copy paste them!!!

2) go to commonserver then put

;Drop rare for Golden mobs
EledoradoGoldGoblenItemDropRate =500
EledoradoGoldGoblenExItemDropRate =500
EledoradoTitanItemDropRate =500
EledoradoTitanExItemDropRate =500
EledoradoGoldDerconItemDropRate =500
EledoradoGoldDerconExItemDropRate =500
EledoradoDevilLizardKingItemDropRate =500
EledoradoDevilLizardKingExItemDropRate =500
EledoradoDevilTantarosItemDropRate =500
EledoradoDevilTantarosExItemDropRate =500
over the right one

3) Edit the last lines in commonserv.cfg ..and make sure the numbers are like those:

;EX golden

...:: Done ..now all goldens should drop boks..and the boks should drop excelent items! ::..

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