[Guide] Setting up Sygate Firewall

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[Guide] Setting up Sygate Firewall

Post by  on Mon Dec 24, 2007 6:50 am

First of all, the guide that is everywhere in this forum is NOT safe !
Hackers can use to access SQL with that setting, to get i safer just do like this:

1. Run all the MuServer programs.
2. In Sygate Personal Firewall right click anywhere in Running
Applications select Large Icons right click and select Block to:
MySqlld.exe, Dataserver(s), ExDB MFC, Eventserver, SQL Server Windows
The ONLY programs you need to allow is: GameServer(s) and CS.exe.

There is no need to do any thing else, the standard setting is
allright, the firewall will automatic blocks hack attempts for 600

It can be done simple as that.

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