[Guide] 97J Server Setting Up

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[Guide] 97J Server Setting Up

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 10:34 am

So i saw questions: Why i can't connect to my 97J Server everything works fine but i can't connect what to do?
So here is Stepa-By-da-Stepa Guide =]
Here we go...
:: This is for making it with Link Starting ::
1st: We make all the same that is: Restore DataBases, make links e.t.c
2nd: Making link 08(GameServer)... Change last 5 digits to 55902 not 55901 because 97J GS is using other port...

:: This is starting with Sky Teams Mu Server StartUp ::
Dont set IP so IP isn't token from start(you can make this if you make
MuServerStartUp with my config... it will make that server launches
autommaticly, but it will not use that IP if you make your ip in
params) cause it will crash server so in config where is field
":ip:"(that will be in launching parameters) change it to "Your IP like
xx.xxx.xxx.xxx but dont make IP in "COLS(Smile"" and make port of
GameServer to 55902 and then it is set so your server dont crash(i made
this here cause i couldnt connect, tried to change the port of GS to
55900 and 55902 then it worked(with 55902), but with MuServerStartUp i
still couldnt make that GS launches(it crashed and didnt load up told
that there is error and Send or Dont Send(im using XP) so posted this
guide) So that is it i hope it helps some of you =]

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