[Guide] Setting up ips in 1.02d server with router....

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[Guide] Setting up ips in 1.02d server with router....

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I had some problem setting up my own 1.02d (some database error). I
decided to make this guide to help the people who has problems
conencting to their server and opening the link 8.

Here is what u should do ------>

1) Forwarding ports : http://www.portforward.com
U just check ur routers modem and chose MuOnline and they explain verry
clearly how to forward the ports . PS : in the ip spot u shoud type ur
routers ip like 192.168....

Your server files are in ur D drive of course.

2)Putting ur ips in the files.
Lets say the no ip is : xxx.no-ip.org
And the router ip is :

CS/CSConfig.ini ----->

Data/commonserver.cfg ----->
ChaosEventServer = (router ip)
DevilSquareEventServer =
EventChipServerIp =

Data/IpList.dat ----->

Data/lang/chs/commonloc.cfg ----->
IP = xxx.no-ip.org
PORT = 55557

GameServer/gsloader.gsl ----->
Arguments= 55970 55960 55901

Links/ 04 ----->
In the properties of this (right click lol) :
D:\Mu_server_files\JoinServer\JoinServer.exe /p55970 /ca192.168.0.200 /cp55557

3)Putting sql id and pass into files.

You have to put ur sql id and pass (the id is in general sa) in these files next to the id and pass field . LOL


If u do all that ur server will work even if u have a router.

Good luck .

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