[Guide] How to run a server (Router Supported)

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[Guide] How to run a server (Router Supported)

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1. Can I make a server on Linux? Yes. Find the server guide here

Will This guide support C: Drive? NO. It only support D: Drive, if you have a C: drive then you must use Partition Magic (Cannot Give support on this.)

3. Will you explain how to make a 1.02D server in this guide? NO. I will explain how to make a 97D Server, the only smiliar thing in all versions are the ports.

4.How Can I make People GM? MuEditor is actually the best tool to use. Download it here

5.How to make your virtual memory higher?
Start-> right click in My Computer-> Properties-> Advanced-> Where Perfomance -> Settings->Advanced->Where Virtual Memory-> Settings->Initial Size = 800 Maximum Size = 4000. And you are done Smile No More Virtual Memory Warning!

6. What is MSSQL For? Simple, without it there is no accounts/ranking/server! Smile

7. Omfg my server doesn't works plzzz helpppp!!! Hell NO. Read the guide again, and you'll understand, I wasted my time doing this guide and it can't happend, that it will not work. If it seriously doesn't works, pm me.

Setting up the server
What Ports to Open : There are actually only 2 ports to open

44405 TCP

55901 TCP

[size=16]Downloading and extracting Part

First at all, you must get MSSQL here

How to Install MSSQL :


  • Installing SQL Server 2000: Extract SQLEVAL.exe.
  • Run Setup.exe and click Next 8 times.
  • It will show you this window named Services Accounts.
  • In Service Settings set it to Use the Local System Account.
  • Click Next and it will show the Authentication Mode window.
  • Set it to Mixed Mode(Windows Authentication and SQL server Authentication) after that make sure to set a password below.
  • The password will be the sa account password, you will need it after on if you want to set an online registration.
  • Then click next to continue the Installation
Now for the server files (97D + 99 items) get them here
Now open up the .rar file and extract to D:\ . Do NOT type D:\MuServer.
Editing Server IPs Part
Warning : If you want to make your server LAN, you must edit all the IPs to your LAN IP. Can be found here : Start > Run > cmd > ipconfig (It'll look like 192.168.x.x)
Files to Edit :

[font=Tahoma] D:\MuServer\CS\Connectserverlist.dat




You must open these files with notepad. (Right click on file, Open With... and find notepad!) You must input your WAN IP where is located , your wan ip can be found here

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