[Guide] Understanding MonsterSetBase

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[Guide] Understanding MonsterSetBase

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 1:27 pm

Ok... As anyone here, i had to deal with a bad MonserSetBase, full of 4200 (255) errors.

I did download Satoshi-t's MonsterSetBase and tried to add my own monster to it.

After adding just 1 darn line, i've got the DAMN error.
Then i just started looking on how his lined were added. I noticed some sets started with 0, 2, 3 and 4...
Tried to make a new set using any of those numbers i saw, and had the same error, except with the number 3.
So i discovered the 4200 (255) error is not about a monster limit, nor
attributes on the monster.txt, but only a bad type line added.
Here's the explanation
0 <---- Set type
200 6 6 63 160 1 <--- Monster related line
end <--- Ending

How line types are handled:
0 - type mapnumber distance x y dir
2 - type mapnumber distance x y dir (Better used for single spots)
3 - type mapnumber distance x y dir total (can handle 2 x and 2 y coords - used to spawn all the way between those coords)
- type mapnumber distance x1 y1 x2 y2 dir total
4 - type mapnumber distance x y dir (Better used for NPC only)


For example... If you want to fill up the top part of Stadium with BC6 Orcs... just add:

3 // <---- we set type 3 (to specify range of coords)
125 6 20 21 116 23 110 -1 20 // <---- we set 20 spawns
126 6 20 46 114 44 112 -1 10 // <---- we set 10 spawns here
end // <---- we end the set, so it wont get screwed up

125 - Monster type
6 - Stadium Map
20 - How to move
21 - X first coord
116 - Y first coord
23 - X second or ending coord
110 - Y second or ending coord
-1 - Where to look (-1 random)
20 - How many monsters will spawn

And the second line is the same.

SO, to get rid of the error, you only need to fix your line types, and
make sure they are the same type than the type specified in the
beginning of that set.

So far, i have joined completely my old buggy MonsterSetBase and
Satoshi-t's one without having that 4200 (255) error. That means TONS
of monsters!!!

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