[Guide] How To Make Mu Server

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[Guide] How To Make Mu Server

Post by  on Sun Dec 23, 2007 10:51 am

Ok,I Made The Guide How To Make Mu Server.Just Follow The Steps.

First You Need To Do Is Install Micrisift SQL Server.
Choose What Version You Want To Download

Microsoft SQL Server 2000
Microsoft SQL Server 2005

I Prefare Microsoft SQL 2000.It Is Easiest In Use Very Happy

When You Have Downloaded MSQL,Then You Must Install It.
The Guide How To Install It Is Here

After Installing Microsoft SQL Server You Need To Create Databases.
To Create Databases Just Connect To SQL And Press Do Databases And With Right Mouse Button Pres On Databases And Select -Create Database.Create Two Databases [Ranking And MuOnline]...If You Whatever Dont Understand How To Do This Press On The Link

How To Create Databases

Now We Must Download Server Files.Download Them From Here

When You Download Them,Put Them On The Drive You Want,Then Edit Ip's In Theese Files Into Your Local Ip


Here You Must Edit Your Sql Login And Password

Ok Now We Must Return To SQL

Now We Must Restore Databse.Now Go To
Start>Progrrram Files>Microsoft SQL Server>Enterprise Manger

Now Go Here And Follow The Steps

Now With SQL All Is OK Very Happy

Now We Must Create a DSN

First Download Theese Files
If Your Server Is On Drive C
If Your Server Is On Drive D

Just Download Them And Duble Click On File Very Happy

Go Here And Follow The Steps.

Install Apatche

Download It From Here

Download Cracked PHP.ini form here

When You Install Your Appatche Just Insert This Cracked php.ini To Windows Folder

To Insert Your Web Just Pot In /appserv/www/ Your Website And Configure It In config.php or Config.htpasswd

Now Just Lounch The Server.The Best Way Is Lounch The Server Using MuServerStartUp.You Can Download It Form Here

Edit Your Acc And Chars Using Mu Editor.Download It Form Here

So Good Luck Very Happy

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