[Guide] How to make a server !

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[Guide] How to make a server !

Post by  on Mon Jan 14, 2008 1:53 pm

1)At first go to download section and get latest version of SREmu(for now in was 0.1.3)
Download emu here http://www.darkinc.org/sremu/viewtopic.php?t=178

2)Unpack it to folder,there is dont have meaning where you unpack it.
Lets unpack it to C:\SROEMU(you can unpack it to other place,its dont have any matter).

3)Run file server.exe what you can find in folder,where you unpack SREMu.
p.s. If you get error message "MSWINSCK.OCX" not found or dont install correctly,you need
install this Library.
Anyway,it can be easy found in internet,but here i post link to place,where you can get it.
Unpack and copy file into "C:\Windows\System32\"

After this from command line start
"c:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\regsvr32.exe mswinsck.ocx"
You can make link to "regsvr32.exe" and add this to command line "mswinsck.ocx"

4)Well,if server work,you see window.Go to Tools menu,and choose Accounts.

5)Now create new account,input user name and password.
P.S. If you get Error Object dont found,listen up.
You need Create New folder in Folder where you unpack SREMU,and take it name "data".
After that copy next folders in "data" folder:Accounts,Characters,Server.
Well,now you can create account,all will work fine.

6)Well,now you complete first part.Listen next.

7)Now you need change host file.It file you can found here:
Go to "C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Ect\host"
Also you need to know,path can be different,look where you system install.
By default his place "C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Ect\host"

Now add next: gwgt1.joymax.com
Well,now you can go and play in you private server,but you also need internet connection on for play.
Without internet connection play dont possible,because GG(Game Guard) can be update.

In server menu press button "HOOK Silkroad" before you start game.

Part two,or make work without internet connection:
Well,so you want play without internet,like me?

Little part of theory,GG take files from GG server.
So we need make server,where GG can get files,that he request.

1)We need get Web Server,I am use Abyss Web Server,you can find it internet

2)Well,now install it.

3)Install complete?Oh,good.You can set up it start up it with system or
manualy,it dont have matter,but better set start up with system.

4)Go to download section and get GG files.
Listen up,it files will now work with latest client vesion,i work with client 1.030 and all work fine.
Well,i will look for latest GG files and take it know where you can get it soon.

5)Unpack it and copy: in folder,where you install web server,look folder with name "htdocs".
Copy GG files,that you unpack to this folder.You need copy it in this path:
In archive it default stay in Silkroad_nProtect\Silkroad\GameGuard\RealServer\ so you only

need goto Silkroad_nProtect and
copy it to "htdocs" folder in Web Server folder.

6)Now go to host file,that place here :"C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Ect\host"
Now add this: nprotect.nefficient.com update.nprotect.com update.nprotect.net
7)Now you can play without internet.

Before start play,check you web server running.
Before play,check you press "Hook silkroad" button in SREmu.
Dont try use sro_client_private.exe because its old,you latest files.
Well,this is all.If you read this,i guess you already can play on you private server.

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Post by aspire219 on Fri Jan 25, 2008 6:22 pm

ps.fix the link because the link is broken


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